1. Moods
    The Smoking Bones

  2. In Italiano
    The Mads

  3. Mods!

  4. Sotto Questo Cielo Nero
    The Bone Machine

  5. Battuti E Beati
    Tony Borlotti & I Suoi Flauers

  6. A Monstrous Self-Portrait
    The Barbacans

  7. Hobo Fi
    The Gentlemens

  8. Triodo
    Le Carogne

  9. On The Bus
    The Mads

  10. Jägerbomber
    Blood '77

  11. Don't Forget My Name
    The Kaams

  12. Kidnappings
    The Superslots Terrible Smashers

  13. Anachronicle
    Big Mountain County

  14. Clamarama
    The Bidons

  15. The Morlocks
    The Morlocks

  16. Silver Drops On Jesus’ Skull (And More) 1986-1989
    Blackboard Jungle

  17. Modern Slavery Protocol
    Temporal Sluts

  18. Lucyfer Sam
    Lucyfer Sam

  19. The Italian Job
    The Crybabys / Lester Greenowski

  20. Quattro Pezzi Facili
    The Link Quartet

  21. Please Go Out
    The Scrubs

  22. Flash On You
    Not Moving

  23. Little Carmine
    Diabolico Coupé

  24. Lickin' Ears
    The Superslots Terrible Smashers

  25. L'Ottava Vita - Tributo a Claudio Rocchi
    Claudio Rocchi

  26. Gasolio
    Golden Shower

  27. Quando Vuoi Scappare - 1991/1995
    Gli Avvoltoi

  28. Universi e Trasparenze
    No Strange

  29. Giù Nel Mio Inferno
    The Bone Machine

  30. Pearls At Swine
    The Strange Flowers

  31. 1983
    The Empire Strikes

  32. Mai Sepolti
    The Barbacans

  33. The Classmates
    The Classmates

  34. What I Need
    The Mads

  35. Stories We Can Tell & More
    Out Of Time

  36. Miss Wong

  37. Sick Tales
    Sick Boys Revue

  38. Puke All Over Themselves
    Fuck Knights

  39. Menopause (Live In Studio)
    Wide Hips 69

  40. Penna, Tornio & Salame
    Le Muffe

  41. The Secret Tape
    The Secret Tape

  42. One To Six
    The Kaams

  43. It's Nothing Serious Just Life
    Lester Greenowski

  44. Strawman

  45. All Black and Hairy - 30th anniversary edition
    Gravedigger V

  46. The Sick Rose featuring Dom Mariani - Live In Studio
    The Sick Rose

  47. Dream Market Radio

  48. Armonia Vivente tra Analogie e Contrasti
    No Strange

  49. Fuori Dal Tempo
    I Mitomani Beat

  50. Battle Of The Bands!
    I Barbieri / I Fenomeni

  51. Capt Crunch And The Bunch
    Capt Crunch And The Bunch

  52. King of Slaps
    KIller Penis

  53. Back To The Roost
    The Bidons

  54. The Sensational Guitar Sound Of Marco Di Maggio - VoL.1
    Marco Di Maggio

  55. Blastin' Out... plus
    The Sick Rose

  56. Eerie Thoughts Collection pt.3
    The Backwards

  57. Uh!
    Dreg Machine

  58. Submerged Alive
    The Morlocks

  59. Soho Dreams
    Secret Affair

  60. Il Mondo Gira
    I Barbieri

  61. The True Sound Of The Liars - Anthology 1985/1990
    The Liars

  62. Uwaga!
    The Kaams

  63. Is It Different?

  64. Cristalli Sognanti
    No Strange

  65. No Need For Speed
    The Sick Rose

  66. Success Through Propaganda
    Thee S.T.P.

  67. Born to Rock!!!
    Killer Klown

  68. Shakin' Street
    The Sick Rose

  69. Split
    Dome La Muerte & The Diggers / The Headbangers

  70. Diggersonz
    Dome La Muerte & The Diggers

  71. Salvation / Can't Stay Away From You
    The Liars

  72. Hard Stories

  73. Things Get Better
    The Cleopatras

  74. Old Soul Rebel
    Tony Face Big Roll Band

  75. The Pretty Face
    The Pretty Face

  76. They Don't Understand

  77. Radiodirty
    Dirty Blvd

  78. Experiment In Colour

  79. Emerge
    The Morlocks

  80. The Early Years '82-'86
    Four By Art

  81. 3 Bombs over Berlin
    The Last Killers

  82. Dome La Muerte & The Diggers
    Dome La Muerte & The Diggers

  83. When I Hit My Stride
    Di Maggio Bros

  84. Second Hand

  85. The Wildest Game
    The Di Maggio Connection

  86. In Time

  87. Land Of Nothing
    Not Moving


Area Pirata Rec Pisa, Italy

Area Pirata was born in 2001 immediately tended to Garage, R'n'R, HC-Punk…
We care about reissue of old records no more available or unissued as well as new records recorded from bands on activities with an attitude alike ours.
We tought and we still think that our attitude and determination could be a factor to help those real underground scenes not depending strictly on the kind of muisc!
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